Bulk editing for external shares


Port feature from JES to CES, based on

, copy o the description below:

Implement a feature to allow bulk edition of external shares.

Bulk edition should be added to global share list view.

Add 'Bulk edition' button with split dropdown menu:

  • selected (all selected rows),
  • not selected (all not selected rows from filter),
  • all from filter

Create bulk edition form displayed instead of share list:

  • show number of affected share records
  • each option needs to be activated by checkbox selection

Fields allowed to edition:

  • checkbox ‘update last modified by’ - user picker - overrides last modified user,
  • selected user email section (only one checkbox from below can be checked), user picker same as in Selected users tab on share form
    • checkbox ‘overwrite’ - user picker - overrides users,
    • checkbox ‘add new’ - user picker - adds new users to each share that don't have them,
    • checkbox ‘remove existing’ - user picker - removes users.
  • selected user domain section (only one checkbox from below can be checked), input same as in Selected users domain tab on share form
    • checkbox ‘overwrite’ - input - overrides domain
    • checkbox ‘add new' - input - add domains to each share that don't have them,
    • checkbox ‘remove existing' - input - removes domains


  • Save - validates each selected operation input value and updates shares taking into account project schemes for each one,
  • Cancel - returns to previous view with same filter set.

Accepted criteria

  1. Develop functionality to bulk edit domains associated with selected shares.
  2. Enable bulk recipient changes across selected shares.

Based on customer support request.

Customer feedback

Adding a way to bulk edit external shares would have been very helpful.
I understand that each may be somewhat different, but if you could find a way to process a bulk change for who they are shared with…or at least the domain.
We had to open hundreds of shares just to remove the domain from each as they had been keyed into each of them.

Child issues

Issue Type Icon ESFC-542 Share form improvements - Selected Users Priority: Medium

Linked issues

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is caused by
Issue Type Icon ESFJ-498 Bulk editing for external shares Priority: Medium
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Automation for Jira 5 February 2024, 11:41

Hello @Michał,

Please merge code to dev branch.
This is the best moment to add more information that can be helpful to prepare release notes.

  • Can you prepare short overview of change that can be used in release notes?
  • Please provide short GIF that showcase feature.
  • If GIF make no sense, can you provide image that highlights feature that can be used in release notes (cropped & annotated)?
Sagar Rawat 5 February 2024, 11:40

@MichałFeature verified - QA environment.

Sagar Rawat 9 January 2024, 14:51

@Michał Feature failed - QA environment. Bulk editing does not update summary in Global settings

Automation for Jira 14 December 2023, 16:01

Hello @Michał ]

This is the best moment to add more information that can be helpful for tester.

  • What areas are affected?
  • What are potential edge cases?
  • Was it checked for XSS problems?
  • Does change affect security, is new data exposed?

Please attach - Before / After screenshot if possible.

Michał 13 December 2023, 23:20


  • The same changes have been added to 3 screens, so please verify that all 3 screens work fine:
  • shares for space
  • all shares (global settings for admin user),
  • my shares (global settings for non-admin user)
  • I have also refactored search filter for shares, you should not encounter any visible changes, but please do regression tests on all 3 aforementioned screens to check that filtering works without any issues
  • I have unified code implemented recently for JES, so please do a quick check if this feature still works for JES (doesn’t have to be exhaustive)
Automation for Jira 13 December 2023, 22:53

Hello @Kamil Zarychta,
Task is ready for review.

@Michał please make sure reviewer
have easy access to contend to be reviewed.

If this is code change. Please make sure PR is created.
If this is new documentation, blogpost, etc. Please provide link to page.