Add Client-Side Validation for empty title when saving shared page


Title is necessary for page. Currently when saving page with empty title, request goes to backend resulting in blue error screen. Frontend validation should be added to tell user to fill the title when he tries to publish page without it.

Inspired by , but the error found by client is different (for the client no title parameter is sent at all, where as during my local tests empty value for this parameter is sent when value is removed). It is possible that client’s issue will need some more investigation.

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Parsa Shiva 27 December 2023, 18:31

@Michał Improvement implemented - QA environment.

Automation for Jira 27 December 2023, 18:31

Hello @Michał,

Please merge code to dev branch.
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Automation for Jira 20 December 2023, 12:12

Hello @Michał ]

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Kamil Zarychta 20 December 2023, 12:03

@Michał approved

Automation for Jira 15 December 2023, 19:22

Hello @Kamil Zarychta,
Task is ready for review.

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