Email notifications about new comments are displayed incorrectly if comment is formatted.


User who subscribes to the link gets email notification about changes in Approval Path that are displayed incorrectly

Please test if XSS payload is escaped in raw html


Mariusz Szymański 28 June 2023, 14:08


Sagar Rawat 28 June 2023, 14:06

@Mariusz SzymańskiFix verified - QA environment.

Krzysztof Bogdan 26 June 2023, 14:44

@Mariusz Szymański

Mariusz Szymański 23 June 2023, 10:27

It turned out to be a broader issue as all notifications about comments were broken if the comment had any kind of formatting (so colors, bolded font etc.). Comment body send with comment event has an odd formatting, partially it’s markdown, but things like colors and links have some weird custom markups. To fix this issue, I’ve added additional call to Jira API to get rendered body for comment.

Krzysztof Bogdan 1 April 2022, 11:27

Right now we support only text email messages. Text format will look like this.
We should add HTML email format. We could convert this markdown to html.