Shared page load only part of comment/history/worklog data.


Currently we load

  • all comments (if sharing comments enabled),
  • all work logs (if sharing work log enabled) and
  • all history (if sharing history enabled)

We should load only as much entries as API return in first call or is returned in call to get issue.
We should present user with button “Load all comment/worklogs/history“ to display all items.

“Load all comment/worklogs/history“ - could be link to current url + ?loadall=comment/worklogs/history

Linked issues

relates to
Issue Type Icon ESFJ-432 Make comments / history / worklog items linkable on shared page Priority: Medium
Issue Type Icon ESFJ-430 Shared page load data only for opened tab Priority: Medium


Automation for Jira 23 October 2023, 11:19

Hello @Mariusz Szymański,

Please merge code to dev branch.
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Sagar Rawat 23 October 2023, 11:19

@Mariusz SzymańskiFix verified- QA environment.

Automation for Jira 9 October 2023, 15:41

Hello @Mariusz Szymański ]

This is the best moment to add more information that can be helpful for tester.

  • What areas are affected?
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Mariusz Szymański 4 October 2023, 10:21

Resolved in

Automation for Jira 4 October 2023, 10:20

Hello @Krzysztof Bogdan,
Task is ready for review.

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have easy access to contend to be reviewed.

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