Chart by "Epics" - Cloud


Currently, reporting on Epics isn’t that simple with Custom Charts because we don’t have an easy way to report on the entire hierarchy.

  • This feature would add a new option to the data series called “Epics”
  • This would be different from the exiting option “Epic Links” as that only shows issues that have direct links to the Epic, not all their sub-tasks
  • The name of the epic would be displayed as the segment name
  • The segment would include the full hierarchy of issues with options of what to include
    • Include Epic issue in count
  • Effectively it would be Custom JQL segments because each segment would be an individual query, the main benefit to the users is that it would be dynamic so it would create a segment for each Epic found
  • A checkbox option under the series selector would be used to allow the Epic to be included in the count (as most of the time it’s not helpful to see the actual Epic issue in the counts)
    • Users could use the main search bar to filter out issue types they don’t want to count, but they can’t filter out the Epics otherwise there’d be no data