Allow option to play video attached in the issue's description and comments


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Issue Type Icon ESFJ-256 [ISSUE DESCRIPTION][ATTACHMENTS] - Video attachments do not display in the "description" of an issue Priority: Medium
Issue Type Icon ESFJ-436 CKEditor tries to load video from it's own source when editing description with a video Priority: Medium


Mariusz Szymański 16 June 2023, 11:49


Sagar Rawat 16 June 2023, 11:43

@Mariusz Szymański Fix verified - QA environment.

Mariusz Szymański 5 June 2023, 11:31

@Kamil Zarychta @Parsa Shiva I’ve added support for video in the comments. It also works with tables.

@Parsa Shiva I also found a bit strange bug, but there is possibility it’s limited only to me (I checked on my wife’s PC and it works fine). It would be great if you could check it happens for you:

Kamil Zarychta 5 June 2023, 08:23

@Mariusz Szymański @Parsa Shiva we should definitely fix problem with video in comments, it should be easy to fix, similar code than for videos embedded in description should help here

Mariusz Szymański 2 June 2023, 23:13

@Parsa Shiva I mean, if it’s something quick, let’s do it in this task. If it turn out as something more complicated I will create a new issue.

Parsa Shiva 2 June 2023, 23:12

@Mariusz Szymański Ok, as for the scope of this task I think it’s safe to say Improvement ImplementedandFixes verified - QA environment.

Mariusz Szymański 2 June 2023, 23:10

@Parsa Shiva I don’t really know, I can only see how it works on dev now and this PR changed nothing regarding videos in comments. I will check at Monday if the same mechanism can be applied to comments. I think it should work, but if not we will do it in a separate issue.

Parsa Shiva 2 June 2023, 23:07

@Mariusz Szymański We did not, but should the error message be displayed in the table? Previously the error message would show if I recall correctly even without the table.

Mariusz Szymański 2 June 2023, 23:06

@Parsa Shiva I checked on dev and I’m not 100% sure but it seems we never had a video support in the comments.

Parsa Shiva 2 June 2023, 22:24

@Mariusz Szymański Description videos are now correctly displayed in a table. However,

They are not displaying in comment section anymore.

Unless I put it in a table in which case it will display like this

Mariusz Szymański 1 June 2023, 10:30

@Parsa Shiva Fixed, videos should now show properly in tables.

Parsa Shiva 31 May 2023, 11:07

@Mariusz Szymański Issue occurs- QA environment, when attachment is embedded inside a table on both description and comments section.

Mariusz Szymański 30 May 2023, 14:50

@Parsa Shiva Could you please test it?

Kamil Zarychta 30 May 2023, 13:38

@Mariusz Szymański please look at my comments from PR