Mention @'External Share' sends email with notifications to selected users


Mention in new (or edit) comment @External Share for Jira or @External Share for Confluence

should send notification to selectet users.

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Parsa Shiva 24 February 2023, 14:30

@Krzysztof Bogdan

Sure, I will handle it!

Krzysztof Bogdan 24 February 2023, 14:29

@Parsa Shiva this is good candidate for Twitter,

Also we should cover this in docs

Parsa Shiva 31 January 2023, 11:23

@Michał In that case, yes there is no blockers as per my testing, if there are no particular areas where regression could occur, I think it’s ready for release.

Michał 30 January 2023, 19:08

@Parsa Shiva If you mean the accountId:<id> part, it is not the account id of the commenter, but part of the comment content - precisely the @External Share for Jira mention in markdown format looks like this. Attaching content of the updated comment to the email is part of the functionality, which is - as you have correctly mentioned - not caused by the improvement. Content of the comment which Jira sends to us using the WebHook is only available in markdown format, and no edition or reformatting of this content is being performed, the content of the updated comment is being attached to the email as is. This email will look the same (except for the unsubscribe link) when sent to someone who is subscribe to the share changes. Having said that:
1. Since it is neither part of this task, nor is it caused by implementation of this task, this should not block the delivery of this task.
2. If it is a problem, new task should be created to fix it, but the content of this task is something which should be discussed with @Krzysztof Bogdan and @Kamil Zarychta . First of all, is it a problem? If yes, what should be done about it? The options which I see very in complexity, so we can for example:

  • remove every accoutId:<id> from the comment content (simple and quick, wichout any change in performance)
  • replace every accoutId:<id> in the comment content with some dummy text like @mention or @unknown_user_mentioned or @someone}}or simply {{[accountId:undisclosed] (also simple and quick, without any change in performance)
  • send request to Jira to fetch the html version of the comment, and include that in the email, after removing all links from mentions, as they will have accountIds inside (needs sending additional requests to Jira and some additional logic, and works only for html version of the email)
  • send request to Jira to fetch the html version of the comment, and include that in the email, after removing all links from mentions, but before that find all mentions in html version of the comment to match accountIds and display names, replace all [accountId:<id> with @Display name of the mention person in text version of the comment attached to the text version of the email. (needs sending additional requests to Jira and some more additional logic, but works for both html and text version of the email)

As you can see, it is not so obvious how to “fix” this, and since it is not part of this task, but part of the functionality implemented by @Krzysztof Bogdan 1,5 year ago I would prefer to separate these topics, and either get a green light for delivering this task, or get highlight of blocking issues which I should deal with before it can be delivered.

Parsa Shiva 27 January 2023, 12:41

@Michał The email sent displays account id of the commenter. I do not think this is cause by this improvement but do you think we can fix this for this update?

Michał 26 January 2023, 17:47

@Parsa Shiva ready for testing (JIRA only)

Krzysztof Bogdan 5 January 2023, 13:58