Implement persistent SSO authentication across External Share


Enhance the current SSO implementation in External Share to persist user authentication across all parts of the share once the user is logged in.

Acceptance Criteria

Once authenticated via SSO in External Share, the user should not be redirected for authentication again within the same session, even when accessing different parts of the service.


Automation for Jira 22 September 2023, 15:31

Hello @Michał Błaszczykowski,

Please merge code to dev branch.
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Parsa Shiva 22 September 2023, 15:30

@Michał Błaszczykowski Fix verified - QA environment.

Automation for Jira 14 September 2023, 14:47

Hello @Michał Błaszczykowski ]

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  • What areas are affected?
  • What are potential edge cases?
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  • Does change affect security, is new data exposed?

Please attach - Before / After screenshot if possible.

Automation for Jira 5 September 2023, 15:26

Hello @Michał Błaszczykowski,
Change was reviewed and approved.
Task is ready to be deployed to QA.
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Thank you!

Automation for Jira 28 August 2023, 16:07

Hello @Krzysztof Bogdan,
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Automation for Jira 23 August 2023, 13:57

Hello @Krzysztof Bogdan

This is the best moment to add more description, wire-frames, comments.
Why we doing this?
What is expected result?

Parsa Shiva 25 July 2023, 17:50

@Krzysztof Bogdan Changed issue type to bug.

Also, do you want to assign @Mariusz Szymański ss DRI?

Krzysztof Bogdan 25 July 2023, 12:28

@Parsa Shiva @Mariusz Szymański I think it is a bug not a improvement but I am not 💯 % sure