Incorrect display of text colors in dark mode


When operating in dark mode in Jira, there is an unexpected change in the assigned text colors in the created external share link. The text loses its previously assigned color and appears as white text in dark mode. HTML formatting of individual text elements is also disappearing (bug number [ESFJ-730] ).

Steps to reproduce

  1. Creating an external share link with formatted HTML text, including assigned colors to selected words
  2. Switching the page display mode to dark theme

Actual behavior

All formatted texts lose their previously assigned color and change to white in dark mode.

Expected behavior

Correct display of assigned colors while creating content in Jira and generating an external share link in dark mode with previously selected colors in the text

Linked issues

relates to
Issue Type Icon ESFJ-599 [Shared Issue] Verify Comment display and formatting Priority: Medium
Issue Type Icon ESFJ-730 Incorrect conversion of HTML text formatting when using text color change Priority: Medium
To Do


Automation for Jira 28 December 2023, 01:23

Hello @Jakub Myśliński,

Please merge code to dev branch.
This is the best moment to add more information that can be helpful to prepare release notes.

  • Can you prepare short overview of change that can be used in release notes?
  • Please provide short GIF that showcase feature.
  • If GIF make no sense, can you provide image that highlights feature that can be used in release notes (cropped & annotated)?
Sagar Rawat 28 December 2023, 01:23

@Jakub MyślińskiFix verified- QA environment. Text colors are displayed correctly on shared pages in both description and comments.

Automation for Jira 27 December 2023, 11:06

Hello @Jakub Myśliński ]

This is the best moment to add more information that can be helpful for tester.

  • What areas are affected?
  • What are potential edge cases?
  • Was it checked for XSS problems?
  • Does change affect security, is new data exposed?

Please attach - Before / After screenshot if possible.

Kamil Zarychta 22 December 2023, 10:46

@Jakub Myśliński approved

Automation for Jira 22 December 2023, 01:06

Hello @Kamil Zarychta,
Task is ready for review.

@Jakub Myśliński please make sure reviewer
have easy access to contend to be reviewed.

If this is code change. Please make sure PR is created.
If this is new documentation, blogpost, etc. Please provide link to page.

Krzysztof Bogdan 20 December 2023, 06:16

@Jakub Myśliński Please take a look.