When "Allow description edition" privilege is enabled then user is unable to click on links on the description as it will trigger the edit mode instead


When the "Allow Description Edition" privilege is enabled on a user account, clicking on links within the description triggers the edit mode instead of directing the user to the linked page. Preventing users from accessing links within the description.

Steps to reproduce

  1. On any issue create a share with enabled "Allow description edition" privilege
  2. On the issue description add some links
  3. Open the share as external user
  4. Attempt to open the link from description

Actual result

Clicking on any link within the description field triggers the edit mode instead of directing the external user to the linked page.

Expected result

The link should open the relevant page or resource in a new tab or window, allowing the external user to access the linked content without triggering the edit mode.


ESFJ-374 _ supp...
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Automation for Jira 6 September 2023, 16:29

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Parsa Shiva 6 September 2023, 16:25

@Miłosz Jaskólski Fix verified - QA environment.

Parsa Shiva 6 September 2023, 14:53



The issue is partially fixed - There is a minor case that is not covered here. Smart links still open the edit mode when clicked instead of opening the link. This is especially problematic since the edit mode does not allow the user to open smart links, unlike with normal links. This effectively means that smart links cannot be accessed.

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Hello @Krzysztof Bogdan

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Michał 22 March 2023, 14:48

@Krzysztof Bogdan Clicking the link does actually both things - it enters edition, and also follows the link (this way when you click back in browser, you are in edit mode). So it is not impossible to follow the link. Having said that, it is of course not a desirable behavior. Possible solutions:

  • modify event listener to check if the original event was bubbled from a link click, if yes, ignore it (preferable solution, if I am correct that it is easy to identify the source of the event)
  • modify page generation, to add “event.stopPropagation” on every link inside the description

Apart from that, there should be one more thing done in a scope of this task:

  • modify event listeners for entering edit mode for both summary and description to check which mouse button was clicked, and enter edition mode only if it was left button.
Krzysztof Bogdan 9 March 2023, 13:06

@Michał Can you take a look