Improve Share Accessibility by Indicating Inaccessible Shares


When shares are accessed via user API calls and the users linked to these shares are no longer available, the shares become inaccessible to external users. Implement a system to indicate to internal users when a share might not be accessible to external users due to this reason.

Add regular checking for inactive or removed users who last modified share, tag share tag in that case.

Additional steps

  1. Add a tag to share to indicate when a share will not be accessible because the associated user is no longer available.
  2. Implement a regular checking system that performs scheduled checks to update these tags on the shares - inactive or removed users who last modified share.
  3. Improve the share listings filter view by adding:
    1. Highlight inaccessible shares (Regardless of error type)
    2. An option for internal users to hide inaccessible shares.
    3. A view filter to see only inaccessible shares.
  4. For external users attempting to access an inaccessible share:
    1. Add an error response for external users upon attempted access to such a share with the following message:
      “The share link you're trying to access is currently unavailable due to changes in internal permissions.
      Please reach out to the individual who shared this link with you.
      Why is this happening?“.
    2. Do not fetch any content data from Jira when such shares are called.

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